Records fall at Livestock sale

Although the Scioto County Fair was hit with heavy rains on Saturday afternoon, the Calvalcade of Thrills Demolition Derby was able to get under way on its scheduled time.

The derby drew a standing only crowd Saturday evening, which is sure to be a blessing to the fair board since most of the week was wet, with low attendance.

Also helping the attendance numbers at the fair this year was the Tracy Lawrence Concert Friday night. Lawrence, a country music recording artist, drew a near capacity crowd at the grandstand.

Saturday morning and afternoon was a time for the 4H participants to say goodbye to their projects. Chickens, rabbits, lambs, hogs and steers were sent through the auction Saturday for the annual Scioto County Fair Livestock Auction. Many business leaders and politicians were on hand purchasing the animals which will be sent to the slaughter house. Most of the animals were purchased by groups this year instead of individual buyers.

The only champion status animal bought by less than a dozen buyers at the sale was the Grand Champion Steer, shown by Jacob LeBrun. Darren Gahm, of Gahm’s used cars and parts and Dr. Gail Counts, DVM., of Shawnee Animal Clinic, purchased the calf for $3,500. This price was way off the mark of $15,500 which was the standing record.

The Reserve Champion steer, however, smashed its former record of $10,000, climbing all the way to $16,200. Kelsey Shope, 19, and in her last year of 4H, also won Grand Champion Best Scioto County, as well as Rate of Gain Champion with the calf. Over 30 buyers were involved in the purchase of her animal.

Hunter Gampp had the Reserve Best Scioto County steer, bringing $1,450.

In the sale of the hogs, it wasn’t trophy or ribbon winners getting the attention. Instead, Dante Williams stepped into the sale ring with the auctioneer making the announcement Williams was donating 100 percent of his earnings to Ronald McDonald House. The bidding started at $1,000, then a couple other business added a few hundred dollars. Then, the auctioneer mentioned, with emotion, that Williams sister was at Children’s Hospital until she passed away at only 6 days old. He said Ronald McDonald House took care of the housing for his family during this trying time. After the announcement a large circle of buyers formed in the back of the ring, including auctioneer Don Gleim. Eventually the announcement was made. “$4,000! Wait, $4,300!

Josh Wiehle sold his grand champion hog for $4,000. Andrew Shope had the reserve champion hog and also gained $4,000 in the sale. Grand Best Scioto County winner Ethan Cole earned $1,300, while the reserve best Scioto County hog sold at $1,200.

For the lambs, the grand champion, owned by Natalie Percell, sold for $3,000. The reserve champion, by MacKenzie Koverman sold for $1,525. The Best Scioto County Grand Champion Lamb of Megan Johnson sold for $2,275, with the reserve best Scioto County, owned by Clayton Lore, selling for $1,000.

Graycyn Coriell had the grand champion goat which sold for $1,600. Talen Coriell sold the reserve champion goat for $1,600 as well. The grand best Scioto County goat was Ryan Zaler. His goat sold for $1,525. The reserve best Scioto County goat shown by Reuben Thayer sold at $1,225.

In order to qualify for Best Scioto County, the animal had to be born in Scioto County, according to the announcement made at the sale.

Another record fell at the sale Saturday as the grand champion rabbit of Gage Hall garnered $3,150, toppling the old record of $3,100. The reserve champion rabbit of Rachel Davenport sold for $1,000.

The grand champion chicken of Reagan Lester sold for $1,700. The reserve champion chicken of Billy Miller sold for $850.

As of Saturday Don Gleim Auctions had totals for chickens and goats. The chicken sale brought $14,405 with 25 lots sold. The goats, brought a total price of $94,788.93. The Daily Times will have final numbers on the sale as well as top buyers and fair attendance numbers later this week.

Country Music Recording Artist Tracy Lawrence performs before a capacity crowd Friday night at the Scioto County Fair.

The Scioto County Fair continued with tradition of capping of the week long event with the popular demolition derby.

Jacob LeBrun stands with his Grand Champion Steer along with the buyers, Gahms Used Cars and Parts and Shawnee Animal Clinic. The sale was held Saturday at the Scioto County Fair.

Kelsey Shope stands with her record breaking reserve champion steer, surrounded by the buyers at the sale Saturday at the Scioto County Fair.

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