Hard work pays off at livestock show

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Excitement is brewing down at the J.S. Bridwell Ag Center for the annual Wichita County Junior Livestock Show.

The Center has been packed with animals and participants since Thursday, but all of the activities really got going Friday with the showing of all the different animals. For the students who participate in the livestock show it is a lot of work, but there is plenty they take away from it as well.

On top of raising the animals that will be shown and possibly sold, Fair Board President Mark Battista said the students also have to put together the livestock show. All of the work can help them in the future.

“They get taught responsibility and they walk. For a pig, they spend 30 minutes a day walking it,” Battista said.  “They have to feed it and take care of it. At the end if they go to a major show or here they do get money for their animals, which helps them with college.”

It takes a lot for the students to get the animals ready for the livestock show.

“The hardest part is definitely my dedication. I’m not only involved in this but many other things in school,” McKinley Lee, president of Valley View 4-H, said. “It has taught me so many lifelong skills. Taught me failure, how to overcome that. It give you a job you have to do everyday. You have to go out, you have to feed, you have to clean, you have to water.”

And when that work pays off, it means so much to the students.

“It’s so worth it,” Lee said. “It’s not just a reward for yourself but everyone around you that you get to celebrate it with. Your family that has helped you day in and day out. It’s something you can win as a family.”

Even with all the hard work and the lessons they pick up along the way, the students enjoy the whole experience.

“Getting to enjoy the fun here and have a good time. And getting to win,” said Deacon Reed, a member of Wichita County 4-H. “Learning new things and going to new places to compete at different shows.”

The livestock show continuing to teach students life lessons through raising animals.

There are more events at the livestock show Saturday, with animal shows and then the sale, which beings at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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